Adolf, a painter who is ill with an undiagnosed malady, is engaged in a conversation with Gustav, a guest at the resort with whom Adolf has become acquainted. During the course of the past week, Gustav has had a profound influence on Adolf who has given up painting for sculpture. He shows Gustav a sculpture he has made of his wife Tekla, a freethinking novelist who is away on a day trip. The men engage in stimulating discussions about art, love, marriage and women. Goaded by Gustav’s comments and questions, Adolf confides his intimate feelings — passion, frustration and doubts about his wife. Gustav postulates that women are not capable of fidelity and suggests a plan that will put Tekla to the test. When she returns, he will hide in an adjacent room while Adolf gives her an ultimatum. When their conversation is over, Gustav will replace Adolf. He agrees to the plan. What unfolds is a gripping, surprisingly witty and sexy ménage â trois that entangles Adolf, Gustav and Tekla in a dangerous web of desire and intrigue.






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