Little Comedies

What do Swan Song, The Bear, The Proposal, The Wedding, and The Harmfulness of Tobacco have in common? They are all one-act comedies written by Anton Chekhov that will be performed by the Alley’s Resident Acting Company and directed by the Tony-Award winning playwright and legendary director Richard Nelson. Acclaimed Russian literature translators Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky collaborated … Continued

What Happened?: The Michaels Abroad

The playwright and director Richard Nelson débuted his intimate “Rhinebeck Panorama” series of plays in 2010, starting with That Hopey Changey Thing, which followed the fictional Apple family on the night of the midterm elections—the same night that the play opened. After four Apple installments, Nelson added two more imagined families, the Gabriels and the … Continued

Hamlet (St. Ann’s Warehouse)

A murdered King. A remarried Queen. A state on the precipice. When society starts to collapse, do we fight or flee? Farber’s reimagining of this classic text featured Academy Award nominee Ruth Negga in the title role. The production was originally presented at Dublin’s Gate Theatre in September, 2018.

Jitney (Union Square Theatre)

Set in a gypsy cab company (or jitney station) in Pittsburgh, Jitney takes a ride back to the late ’70s and into the lives of a group of black men scraping out a living however they can. All is about to change if the city, in its urban renewal mode, makes good on its threat to … Continued

Concerning the Life of Babyboy Kleintjies

(Cancelled due to Covid-19) On a Stellenbosch winter’s night, a trio of beggars – Lappies, Riempie and Vink – sheltering under a road bridge over the Eersteriver are joined by a young vagrant woman, Marie, who brings with her an unexpected find. Their night spent together huddled under the bridge rushes to a violent conclusion … Continued

Waiting for Godot

Since their first appearance in a tiny Paris theater in 1953, Samuel Beckett’s iconic down-and-outs Vladimir and Estragon have rarely been off the stage. Nearly every evening, somewhere on the globe, they show up for their dubious appointment with a savior named Godot who never comes, filling time with games and musing aphoristically on existence. … Continued

A Bright Room Called Day

Agnes, an actress in Weimar Germany, and her cadre of passionate, progressive friends, are torn between protest, escape, and survival as the world they knew crumbles around them. Her story is interrupted by an American woman enraged by the cruelty of the Reagan administration, and a new character, grappling with the anxiety, distraction, hope, and … Continued