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Compulsion, Public Theater

It is 1951, and Sid Silver is on a mission to be the guardian of one of the most moving and provocative accounts of the 20th century. Deeply moved by Anne Frank’s diary, he is driven to bring her story to the American masses by promoting the book’s publication and adapting the diary into a… Read more »

The Illusion, Signature

A lawyer, facing mortality, desperate to find the son he drove away years before, travels in the dead of night to a mysterious cave. There he engages the services of a wizard, who conjures up visions of the romantic, adventurous, perilous life the lawyer’s son has been living since his father expelled him from home…. Read more »

A Second Chance, Signature

A stirring musical journey, A Second Chance tells the New York story of a recent widower and a divorcée who meet in mid-life and mid-crisis. Presented with the overwhelming challenge of freeing themselves from their painful pasts, neither feels deserving of happiness.  Yet, the awakening of unanticipated feelings leads them to a possibility they both least expected to… Read more »

Elective Affinities

Elective Affinities brings audiences into witty octogenarian Alice Hauptmann’s home—an Upper East Side townhouse—for a funny and savage portrait of civilized life. Sarah Benson directed the New York premiere of the one-woman play in which Zoe Caldwell starred, serving tea, sandwiches and lady fingers to an audience of 30 in the site-specific production that took place in… Read more »

Sweet and Sad

The second play in The Apple Family Plays: Scenes from Life in the Country. The Apple Family finds themselves together again for the first time since Election Night, 2010. Marian, reeling from a personal tragedy, now lives with her sister Barbara; sister Jane is back with her boyfriend Tim; their brother Richard has come up from Manhattan;… Read more »

One Slight Hitch, WTF

It’s Courtney’s wedding day, and her mom, Delia, is making sure that everything is perfect. The groom is perfect, the dress is perfect, and the decorations (assuming they arrive) will be perfect. Then, like in any good farce the doorbell rings. And all hell breaks loose. So much for perfect.

Three Hotels

Ken Hoyle is an ambitious hatchet man for a multinational company that sells defective baby formula in developing African countries. His wife Barbara advises other young executive wives on life in the third world. Their days as idealistic Peace Corps volunteers are far behind them – physically and metaphorically – and the succession of moral… Read more »

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus – “Fully Charged”

Fueled by excitement-boosting “performance power,” Fully Charged is filled with amazing acts that can only be seen at The Greatest Show On Earth, including Tabayara, a dynamic animal trainer whose rare ability to communicate with animals allows him to stand eye-to-eye with a dozen ferocious tigers, ride rearing stallions at a fully-charged gallop, and orchestrate… Read more »

Manon, Valencia

Manon is Jules Massenet’s 1883 opera based on the 1771 novel, L’histoire du chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut by the Abbé Prévost about a young woman torn between true love and the lure of luxury.

Wonderland, Alley

Wonderland is a story about a new Alice who has lost her joy in life. Estranged from her husband, alienated from her daughter and in danger of losing her career, Alice finds herself in Wonderland where she encounters strange though familiar characters that help her rediscover the wonder in her life.